Tycho - Montana
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Tycho | Montana

Selected works from Pierre Le Hors’ book, Firework Studies, 2010


soaked film in rubbing alcohol for ~15 minutes. left in direct sunlight for several hours to dry.

Screenager is a modern teenager being brought up by the screen who develops a distorted image of their body because of pictures in magazines and because technology is rejecting the physical bodies we live in. It’s also a bit about people who cut themselves because I used to have friends who did it and I didn’t know why. I tried to grasp that it’s needing something quite brutal to remind you what your body’s about
Matthew Bellamy about Screenager . (via the-map-of-my-head)
Radiohead - Videotape
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radiohead | videotape

This is my way of saying goodbye, cause I can’t do it face to face.

NASA Space Sound Recordings - Uranus
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The sounds of Uranus are energetic and relaxing with multiple sounds sweeping in every direction. The beginning of this recording is busy, with many sounds swirling about. Then it abruptly changes and becomes vast, beautific and sweeping.


Voyager recording - Jupiter sound waves
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This is the sound Jupiter emits via electromagnetic waves. It’s so incredibly cool (10:00)

Well technically speaking, it’s a recording of the electromagnetic waves emitted from the plasma within the planet (that creates a electrical and magnetic field if i understand) that was converted to sound waves. You would not hear this sound at all if you were to actually pass by Jupiter. Still cool, nonetheless.

There are more NASA-Voyager Space Sounds from the same collection showing Neptune, the rings of Uranus and Uranus itself, the Sphere of Io, Saturn’s rings and Saturn itself, Miranda, and even Earth. Very calming sounds.